School Rules

  • Parents are requested not to visit the classes of their children. Should a parent wish to meet a teacher, he or she may do so, only with the permission of the Principal/Office during the teacher's free time, or during the zero period.
  • The school is answerable only to the parents of the students. Complaints from relatives or any other sources will not be entertained.
  • Parents must make their own transport arrangements, to ensure that their child comes and goes from School on time.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their wards attend school for the whole day, on the days when class tests are scheduled, and not for the duration of the test only.
  • Exemption from any Unit Test or Exam will be given to a child, only in the case of illness, or some other emergency. Should a child seek exemption, the parents are requested to personally bring in the application. In the case of illness, a medical certificate must accompany the application.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate is compulsory for any kind of sick leave, or illness.
  • If a child is absent, the Parents must send a written application for leave.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children bring their tiffins and water bottles with them when they leave for school in the morning. Due to security reasons, we do not accept tiffins sent through servants or friends.
  • The School Uniform consists of:-

      -Two sets of Summer Uniforms
      -Two sets of Winter Uniforms with sweater, tie and blazer (coat)
      -Black school shoes
      -One set of House Dress with White P.T. shoes.

  • Parents and the school authorities play an important role in helping a child develop a habit of studying and working on their own. However, if a child needs special attention, Parents are requested to meet the Principal regarding this.
  • No Teacher is permitted to take tuition without the permission of the School Management.
  • No collection of any amount for any reason will be permitted in the school, without the permission of the Principal / Manager.